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MyBells - The Smart Bells!

News update

We are working very hard to make the MyBells Product and getting it to you as soon as possible. There has been an unfortunate setback due to the delay in production of the Integrated Circuits and the shipping of the microchips.

A photo of the product will be uploaded next week so you can all see the results of our long awaited MyBells doorbell.

Our team is currently making the firmwares of the parts of the products. It seems as we now have no further hardware issues, therefore the only part to be made is the software. Building a software for this kind of a Hi-tech product is a complex task, requiring time and effort.

We greatly apologize for this delay and we will do everything in our power to have MyBells produced, tested and delivered to you in June.

Our Indiegogo Campaign is on its way

We have launched our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to finish the product and software development and to start manufacturing the MyBells products, so we can get them in your home!

Our Indiegogo Campaign

The Story of the MyBells Video

After deciding, that we would like to raise funds by crowdfunding, we have faced the next problem... How? What? Where? And with Whom?