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I. Which product line should I buy, the Basic or the Premium?
This really depends on your home, and how you'd like to use MyBells. If you have a one bedroom apartment, then the Basic is enough for you. If you live in a family house or a larger apartment, then we recommend purchasing the family edition. If you'd like to use the instant snapshot and the live feed functions and have a touchscreen central device, chose the premium product line. If you are only interested in the adaptive bells, chose the basic product line.

II. The amount of speakers in any package is not enough for me! What should I do?
We have created 2 perks for you, so that you can add speakers to your system. Select the 'Additional Regular Speaker' to add a regular speaker, and the 'Additional Waterproof Speaker' to add a waterproof speaker to your system. We will send the extra speakers with your original perk, and we'll add no extra shipping cost.
Note: You can only have up to 10 speakers in one system.

III. Can I buy a MyBells for my office or second home?
Yes, of course! You can have more than one system connected to your smartphone.


I. What are the shipping costs?
All shipping in the USA is free of charge! There is an additional shipping cost for international shipments. The shipping cost does not include any extra fees or customs tax that might occur when shipping to your country. If the shipping cost turns out to be impossible or way too expensive we'll contact you, and you may request a refund from us.

II. When will I be able to use MyBells in my home?
Our estimated shipping dates will begin from April, 2014. It is in our interest too, to get you your product as soon as possible.

Setup and Technical

I. How do I set up the product? Can I do it myself?
The set up will be really easy, and anyone, who knows how to navigate on a smartphone will be able to install the system! First you'll have to download the MyBells app from the Android Market/ App Store/ Windows Phone Store. Connect the devices to the internet, and do some configuration. Installation shouldn't take more than 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of package you're purchasing. A product manual with detailed installation description will be provided in your package. Also we will upload video tutorials on how to set-up the system.
Note: Minimal cabling may be required if you do not have a buzzer or a bell located in your home or if you chose the premium product line, and don't have a videophone in your apartment. If you will have any problems, you can always contact us so we can help you.

II. Can I place the speakers on the wall?
Sure! You can have it stand on a table or shelf, but if you wish you may hang it on the wall. We'll add the screws and stuff, all you'll need is a screwdriver and sockets to plug the devices in.

III. Where should I place the central device or the hub?
You may place it anywhere inside the house, but to avoid cabling, it is the easiest to place it near the entrance.

IV. Will I be able to manage the second system from the same phone? Can I use multiple phones?
Absolutely! You may use multiple phones for one system, and have multiple systems connected to one phone.

V: How is MyBells powered? What happens if the WiFi, or the power goes down?
MyBells needs to be plugged-in in order to work. This is needed in order for it to produce a high volume, that can even overcome a loud house party and the Siren Mode to work. The live-feed and the instant snapshot option is unavailable for the time the WiFi is down. If this happens, you'll receive a notification on your smartphone that the system is out of reach.

VI: I'm listening to music with my headphones on, and there is quiet inside! How will I hear that someone rang the bell?
MyBells will always measure the noise level in the room it is placed in before it starts ringing. In the App you may select an option when the ringing volume will increase over time so eventually, you'll hear the bell (not recommended when younglings are in the apartment). Alternatively you'll also receive a notification on your phone that the bell is rang.

VII: If I go away, may I use it as a security device?
In a way, yes, if you turn the MyBells into security mode. If one presses the bell, the speakers first start ringing the normal ringtone, but in a short time they would start playing something else of your choice, like an angry dog barking, etc. Using the live feedback and your smartphone you can remotely turn on the siren mode. Using this function all speakers will start to scream as loud as possible, making a potential robbery or intrusion a nightmare.


I. How secure is MyBells?
All communication between your system and your phone is encrypted over SSL (HTTPS).

II. My neighbor and I are both buying MyBells! Will mine ring, when my neighbor's bell is rang?
Absolutely, no way! Although the speakers will be connected to the hub or the central device wireless, the two system will be on a different channel, using different encryption and there is possibly no way that this could ever happen.

Other Questions

I. I have Read the FAQ, but I still have questions.
Please feel free to ask any questions that you have in the on our Contact Us page, or write an e-mail to us directly to us at info@mybells.net. We'll be happy to answer your question as soon as we can.

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