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MyBells - The Smart Bells!

The Heart and Soul of MyBells

The device that will change your way of thinking about doorbells. Place one in each of your rooms and you'll always know if someone rang the bell. Make the speakers play any sound you wish them to play. Since its adaptive, it's loud when needed, but quiet when not. Chose a waterproof version too and place it in the bathroom or in the backyard.

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A 7" touchscreen device

Place your Central Device anywhere in your home, and see who is calling at all times. This 7 inch touchscreen device would be a beautiful addition to your home. The central device is placed on a wall holder. For everyone in the family to be comfortable viewing the screen, the central device can rotate up and down up to 30 degrees, making the screen visible for everyone, disregarding their height.

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Connecting the bell and the speakers

This is a device that forwards the signal to the speakers that now its time to ring since someone pressed the bell on the other side of the door. This signal could be forwarded on wire or wirelessly but we don't want you to drill your walls unnecessarily. Synchronize your speakers with this device, place it near your door and never worry about it again.

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See who you are talking to

MyBells in not only a bell, it is much more than that. When chosing the Premium product line you'll get an intercom, so you can also see who you are talking to. Place the intercom at your front gate or at the main entrance of your apartment house. If you already have a doorphone it is most likely that you'll not need to change the wire in the house.

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Stylish Single Pole Switch

A lot is about style and design these days. We are dedicated to not only provide excellent quality but excellent accessories for our products. With all our packages, we include all screws and elements you may need for installation but also a stylish single pole switch, so that anyone who visits you would press a button they would want themselves to have. Just place this bell next to your door and enjoy.

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Why MyBells?

  • Configure it with smartphone or tablet
  • Adaptive: loud when needed, quiet when not
  • Plays any sound or music of your choice
  • Apply ringing schedule
  • Large touchscreen with intercom
  • Waterproof speakers
  • Easy to set up
  • And so much more...
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